Applied Critical Leadership

Applied Critical Leadership

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Our first volume entitled Applied Critical Leadership in Education: Choosing Change is comprised of the following case studies:



  • Early Childhood Learning Center Director
  • Socioeconomically Diverse Student Body
  • Closing the Achievement Gap


  • Bilingual Elementary School Principal of Mexican Descent
  • Ageism, Institutional Racism, and School Reform
  • Hidden Curriculum
  • Critical Race Theory and Transformative Leadership


  • Native American School Psychologist
  • Overrepresentation of Native Students in Special Education Programs
  • Critical Race Theory and Tribal Critical Race Theory


  • High School Principal of African/Jamaican Descent
  • Serving Students in Comprehensive High School and Continuation High School Settings
  • Academic Expectations, Teacher Perspectives, and District Interactions


  • Jewish Teacher Leader and Former Navy Officer
  • Serving the Needs of Military Youth and Other Transient Student Populations
  • Historical Perspectives Surrounding Notions of Diversity and Feminist Perspectives


  • University Professor of Arab Descent and Former High School Teacher
  • Leadership and Teaching for Diversity
  • Rose as a Politicized Minority


  • Composite Transgender Female, Post-Op Comprised of 3 Individuals:
         Japanese Okinawan Male

         White Lesbian 

         Chicana Lesbian   

  • Higher Education Student Support Center Leaders
  • Identifying Research Agendas to Benefit the Students They Serve


  • Chicana University Administrator
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Critical Pedagogy to Impact the Greater Good


  • Educational Leader at both School District and University Levels
  • White Ally
  • Cultivating and Mentoring Leadership Diversity
  • Social Justice and Equity